9'x12': 24 people or 108 sq ft = $160.00

9'x16': 32 people or 144 sq ft = $204.00

12'x12': 32 people or 144 sq ft = $204.00

12'x15': 40 people or 180 sq ft = $255.00

12'x16': 43 people or 192 sq ft = $2272.00

12'x18': 48 people or 216 sq ft = $306.00

16'x15': 54 people or 240 sq ft = $340.00

Dance Floor panels are 3'x4'.  Each additional panel is $17.00

White w/Gold Trim

Dinner, Salad, Dessert Plate.....$0.65/ea

Cup & Saucer.....$1.65/set

​Creamer & Sugar.....$6.00/set

Basic White

Dinner, Salad, Dessert Plate.....$0.60/ea

Salad/Soup Bowl.....$0.55/ea

Cup & Saucer.....$1.75/set

​Creamer & Sugar.....$5.00/set


Carnival Items

Our Dance Floors come in 3'x4' panels, put together by our experts.  Price varies on size.  Solid-colored or choose a design between different colors.  The wood floors are available in Light Wood or Dark Wood and are not recommended to use in rain or dirt and must be laid on a relatively flat surface.  Our Snap-Lock dance floor is perfect for most weather & landscape conditions.

To determine the appropriate size for your dance floor, calculate how many square feet you will need.  Take the total number of guests, divide by 2 (because only 1/2 the people will dance at one time) or depending on how big of a "dancing crowd" you anticipate, and multiply by 4.5 square feet per person. This gives you the approximate square footage you will need for dancing, and then use this chart to pick the dimensions closest to that number.
          Example: 200 guests/2 = 100 people x  4.5 = 450 sq ft.

                (Remember: this is dancing at the same time)


Now that you've chosen your Tables & Chairs, let's get down to details!



4'x30" wood, seats 4-6.....$9.00

6'X30" plastic, seats 6-8.....$10.00

6'x30" wood, seats 6-8.....$10.00

8'x30" wood, seats 8-10.....$11.00

Round (30" high)

30" wood, seats 2-4.....$10.00

36" wood, seats 3-5.....$10.00

48" wood, seats 4-6.....$10.00

60" plastic, seats 6-8.....$11.00

60" wood, seats 6-8.....$11.00

60" wood w/umbrella & stand.....$22.00

Belly Bars (40" high)

30" Round wood.....$10.00

36" Round wood.....$10.00


60" Half Round wood.....$12.00

Serpentine, wood.....$12.00

Heart Shape Table, wood.....$12.50

6'x18" Bar Top, wood.....$10.00

Wine Barrel .....$30.00

Wine Barrel Top.....$30.00

5' Rustic, wood.....$30.00

​40"x108" Farmhouse.....$80.00



White w/Silver Trim

Dinner, Salad, Dessert Plate.....$0.65/ea

Serving Bowl.....$1.65/ea

Cup & Saucer.....$1.75/set

​Creamer & Sugar.....$5.00/set

     COMING SOON: Flatware ~ Glasses ~ Catering Goods ~~ Tents ~ Lighting ~ Stages ~ Drink Dispensers

Are you having a Party, Event or Special Occasion?  We can't wait to help you plan!.


Dance Floors

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page while our website is under construction.

Ivory w/Silver Trim

Dinner, Salad, Dessert Plate.....$0.50/ea

Serving Bowl.....$1.65/ea


Table Linens

Square(overlays) ~ 54"x54", 72"x72", 81"x81".....$8.00-$14.00

Rounds ~ 72", 90", 108", 120" 132".....$11.00-$22.00

Banquets ~ 60"x90", 60"x108", 60"x120".....$10.00-$18.00

Table Drapes ~ 4', 6', 8'.....$14.00-$21.00

Serpentine ~ 3', 4', 5'.....$26.00-$30.00

Table Runners ~ 12"x120" Fabric or Burlap.....$8.00


20x20 (packaged in Tens).....$0.80-$0.98/ea



All Weather Snap-Lock Dance Floor


Twin bear rentals


Fancy White

Dinner, Salad, Dessert Plate.....$0.60/ea

Cup & Saucer.....$1.75/set

Creamer & Sugar.....$5.00/set

​Salt & Pepper.....$3.00/set

Arches, Podiums & Altar Items.

Our linens are available in a large variety of sizes and colors.  Specialty fabrics and colors can be ordered at a slight price increase.  All linens arrive cleaned, pressed, on hangars, in plastic bags, with size tags.  Price of linens include laundering.  

Policies & Notes: 

1.  Garden/Umbrella Slits are available in limited quantities in various sizes & fabrics.

2.  Twin Bear Rentals may on occasion substitute "Garden" tablecloths for "regular" tablecloths, as needed to complete your order.

3.  A 50% restocking fee will be given when applicable to cancelled linen orders.  Please inquire regarding our cancellation policy.

4.  Chair covers include color tie.

5.  Due to variations in laundry, some color shading should be expected within colors.  Also, shrinkage may result in slight size variations.

6.  Twin Bear Rentals will charge replacement cost for items not returned or returned in an un-reusable condition.  Items returned after the scheduled return date will be charged for an extra day's rental.

7.  Prices subject to change based on availability & inventory.

**We are currently designing our NEW Party Rental website. ​Putting pictures & pricing all in one place for easy renting!  While we are in the process of loading our inventory, pricing & pictures, you may not be able to find what you're looking for.  Please feel free to visit our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/TwinBearPartyRentals in the meantime to see a few more items we offer. 

 ~OR~  call us to speak with an Event Coordinator!  (909) 866-8888**



Standard White.....$1.70

Standard Ivory.....$1.60

White Wood Padded.....$3.50

Natural Wood Padded.....$3.50


White Bistro.....$2.00

Children's Multi-Color Stackable.....$1.50


​Sweetheart Wood.....$12.00

​X-Back Wood.....$10.00

Farmhouse Benches.....$15.00-$20.00

Chair Covers & Sashes

Folding Chair Cover & Sash.....Price Upon Request